Project step back and review

After the bank holiday I now have 20 days to finish this project; this is a personal target as I then want the final week of my degree to put the finishing touches on my website and folio. I have set myself the target of the 21st May to have a catalogue at the printers, I am shooting the models and athletes at the end of the week and throughout next week, this gives me 4 days to edit and put a catalogue together. I have set myself targets as this gives me something to work towards so that I do not end up at the last minute panicking having everything still to do. Tomorrow is the day to have all the labels sent off to print and furthermore finalise my ideas for the packaging and get that also sent off. I have been researching logo swing tags or lanyards to attach to the apparel and would love to do this however having made enquiries it is too expensive to do because of the minimum order number being 5000pcs in most cases which is put in place as it costs them a lot in terms of time to produce. I am considering trying to do it myself however I will see this as an extra little project if time allows as Im not sure my version will have the finesse that is required.

The project is turning to be quite expensive I am therefore now budgeting for each thing I need done. I am looking to take packaging ideas to a printers tomorrow and will try to negotiate a price however I still need to remember I need a fund to pay for the catalogue and any posters/cards that need printed.


Day 40


Today I tested out my idea on others in order to establish whether I had been successful in making them think about what is private and what is public. I also wanted to make sure the photographs I had selected were the best ones. I am also posting my final images on Facebook in order to get non-art students comments and feedback on my work.

Day 39

Photoshop…… wish I was a wizz on it! I want to try to make my photographs clearer and cleaner, otherwise I feel there is too much distraction away from the idea of public vs private!

Day 38


Today I photographed 2 telephone boxes that I made, asking the public to help. Although whilst walking around trying to find someone that would help me was initially hard it got easier as I got more confident and also I moved to several locations which meant I had a variety of shots I could work with. I thought these photographs were more successful than the ironing ones as I was able to involve the public more and I found this more fun and I also feel it got better shots. Here I managed to get the private i.e. the conversation in the public and the public i.e. the telephone boxes in the private which was one of my aims for my final piece. I feel from doing these sorts of photographs involving the public it has given me so much more confidence to just go out and do it, something I feel will be essential on BA.

Day 37

Took my cleaning ‘machine’ to a café and got escorted out before I managed to start photographing. Really regretting my slowness getting the camera out as security and café staff coming over pretty angry would have made a good photograph. This was really disappointing as this was what I had been planning to do and it also knocked by confidence going into another coffee shop. Another issue I had is that the machine is really awkward to carry and this limits where I can take it which is a pain and although I could arrange a van etc to pick it up I am really running out of time, I had intended to have finished my project by now according to my action plan.

Day 36

Today I took my toilet to the lift, it proved relatively successful, some of the reactions were brilliant, yet mixed which I also thought was good and too demonstrates one of the points I am trying to raise, that privacy is very different for different people. Reactions included laughing hysterically, completely ignoring, pointing and lift travellers all looking at each other. I decided half way through photographing to start being the ‘button woman’, this meant that I was having conversations with the public and many of them commented things such as, ‘rather you than me’, ‘why?’ Some were just interested and asked about my project, one woman thought I was doing a Jack Wills photo shoot, which I did find rather hilarious and can only take as a compliment. However despite what was a good interesting reaction form the public I am questioning the strength of some of the photographs I have, do I want one reaction as a final image, is that enough? What should that chosen reaction be and furthermore should I try to collage some of the reactions together into one image? The problem I currently have is lack of Photoshop skills, yet I am going to just keep going, try other scenarios, my telephone box and my cleaning prop and then reshoot and edit my photographs afterwards as necessary.

Day 35

I am unsure whether to dress up as the different people, an older women to do the ironing, a typical teen to shoot the toilet in the lift and a business man using the telephone boxes.

Day 33/34

Today I spoke to a tutor about what I am trying to achieve, private in public and public in private in one image and furthermore show that privacy is different for different generations. I was advised to go out and interact with the public which would allow the public to be in my ‘private’ world and my private world to be in public. I was advised to look at ‘The palace of projects 1995-1998’  by I Kabakov, this book is really about making things and this is something that I have found to be successful previously on the foundation, with both my machine project, book arts project. Looking back at previous foundation work, talking to a tutor about going out and interacting with the public and furthermore looking at the photographs I have taken in this project which get a public reaction, I have decided on my final outcome. I am going to make a cleaning prop which I will then take to various places, this is what many women feel is a private thing to do, especially the over 30s. I will then try to interact with the public, perhaps in a coffee shop asking customers if they would like anything ironed. This interaction I feel is essential, by getting people involved I am getting the public in the private whilst also the private in the public. I also feel the public’s reaction will represent what I have found out- that this is something you don’t do in public! I am also in the process of putting together a toilet set which I can then take to the public, this is another thing I found that people thought was private, yet here it was more the younger generation, in particular people in their teens and twenties which thought this was private. I decided to take the toilet to lifts, set it up and then when the doors opened photograph peoples reaction, it is the element of surprise and awkwardness of the lift journey with people looking down at me on the toilet which I thought would really make people question the private and the public. Another thing I have decided to make is large telephone boxes; I have found telephone boxes really interesting throughout this project as they are not really used anymore. According to boys they are used rather for peeing in on a night out, making secret telephone calls as your having an affair and not really much else. Yet I find it weird that this privacy is gone, how many times do you sit on the train and say to the person on the other end of the phone I can’t really talk now I am on the train; we are embarrassed of having private conversations in public. Listening to conversations on the train and tube and asking around it is mostly men that end up saying I can’t really talk I am on the train. Therefore I want to take my telephone boxes onto the train and have loud conversations using them which I think will make people think about privacy when it comes to conversation.